Plan a Family Reunion Vacation

12/09/2019 Off By Author

If you are like many people, you have extended family all over the country but you don’t have the time and money to visit everyone individually. Time to plan a multi-generational family mega-reunion. Here is a short guide to planning a vacation that will help you reconnect with far-flung relatives.


Choose a location that will be convenient for everyone—close to airports, bus stations, or within driving distance for a large portion of attendees. Select a locale that offers activities which appeal to people of all ages and energy levels. For a location equally close to big-city excitement and quiet beach-town relaxation you can’t beat kemah rv sites.


There will be no perfect date that will appeal to all. In the planning stages, send out a survey to every household. Ask for all the times that would be acceptable in the coming year, accommodating school schedules, busy seasons at work and community commitments. Once you have gathered the information, select the three days that are best for most people. There will always be obstacles, and a few people will be left out no matter which dates you choose so just do your best.

How Long

Reunion vacations typically involve several days of group activities; three days is ideal. Keep events casual to encourage a lot of interaction; family members go to reunions for informal chats, shared experiences and family pictures not for sightseeing opportunities. The first day should include dinner and dessert so even those arriving late in the day can be included. The second day is ideal for a big family photo, a charades tournament and a huge banquet dinner. The third day is the day most families will travel home but give everyone a last chance to connect at a late morning brunch. The day after the reunion, have everyone post their pictures on a shared website so your family can cherish the memories until it’s time for the next reunion.