3 Incredible Traveling Books That You Need to Read before Traveling

11/05/2021 Off By Author


Reading a travel book can be as transformative as hitting the road for an adventurous journey all through your imagination.

You will be surprised how well your imagination works; taking you to destinations and having wholesome vivid experiences that you read about.

Any travel enthusiast can narrate to you how once in their travel experience they were challenged by a travel book or were inspired to start traveling by travel books altogether.

I am almost certain that after reading these books that we have listed here, all you will wish for is to pack your bags and explore the world.

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With this in mind, let us not waste any more valuable time and take a look at three of the most indulging travel books that will inspire you to go out and explore the world.

1.  “The Art of Travel” by Alain de Botton.

While most if not all travel books play to our imagination, satisfying all our travel daydreams, Alain de Batton takes an almost complete opposite approach.

Alian points out how brutal traveling can get laying out all the negative encounters one might encounter while traveling.

He points out some of the important techniques people need to be well equipped with to overcome any challenge they might face while traveling.

The art of travel serves as a comprehensive guidebook for traveling.

Reading through this book will give you a better look at the painstaking truth on matters regarding traveling to different places and adventure.

The author takes a philosophical view on travel and details what people do not normally want to hear when it comes to travel.

Alian de Botton clearly brings to light the harsh reality of travel and explains how people should do away with the unreasonable fantasies that they might hold before traveling.

It’s more of a reality check, however, the author also articulates how people should go about travel and embrace every single nuance to have a wholesome experience.

2.    “The Alchemist ” by Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist is a renowned, bestseller travel book that is recognized for its unique plot and twists.

It is not your typical travel book that has detailed human travel experience documented rather, it describes the experiences of a fictional character named Santiago.

Paulo creatively portrays Santiago as an Andalusian shepherd boy who has always been dreaming to travel and find treasure.

The book tells the story of Santiago as he encounters several obstacles and reliefs through his journey to find great treasure.

However, in his adventurous quest, Santiago finds something more meaningful than what he had in mind as his sole quest– he finds himself.

Santiago finally understands his true self and purpose through the experience he has had in his adventure.

This book will motivate you to chase your dreams and gain the courage to face all your fears.

Not only will the Alchemist motivate you to hit the road and explore the world but also enable you to identify the core purpose of your existence to concur whatever comes your way.

3.  “Gibbous Moon over Lagos” by Pamela Watson.

You know there’s no adventure until you get inside the village and explore its ins and outs.

Well, in Gibbous Moon Over Lagos, we follow Pamela in her adventure quest of cycling down the rich cultured backroads of Nigeria in Africa.

Pamela points out her challenges and frustrations as she navigates through the foreign social complexities of Nigeria’s largest city Lagos.

The book documents Pamela’s inconceivable tense paper chase encounters with the Nigerian police and gradual understanding of the place.

However, the author does not hold back on her remarkable experience through the sandy beaches she visits, warm communities, and breathtaking landscapes.


These reads without a doubt will spark your hidden interest in adventure in no time.

Make sure you read through at least one of the listed books above and experience adventure and travel at the comfort of your home.

If either of these reads does not satisfy your wanderlust, then I do not know what will.

Get inspiration and motivation for your next adventure and determine what experience will thrill you the most.

Make sure you do your proper research before diving into a new adventure, stay safe and alert at all times.

No adventure is worth your life.