City trips to Amsterdam: Activities

24/06/2022 Off By Author

Taking a city trip is great fun, and you can discover many new cities this way. But which city to choose? Do you want to take a city trip in Europe or somewhere else? One of the most famous cities in Europe is Amsterdam and this city has a great history. It is a beautiful city and ideal for a long city break. There are many hotels in Amsterdam where you can stay and there are many fun activities to do in the city. There are many canals in Amsterdam, and they are surrounded by old and historic canal houses. Amsterdam is, of course, known for its museums, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. But the Moco museum is also very popular these days. What is the Moco Museum? In this article, we will elaborate on it, so you will know more about it.

What is the Moco museum?

One of the newest museums in Amsterdam is the Moco museum. The Moco museum was founded 3 years ago and is already very well-known. Every year the museum attracts more than a million visitors and this is because of the art. The art is not old, but modern. The artists are mainly street art enthusiasts and are known for distinctive street art. For example, there are many artworks of the famous street artist Banksy. Every year new artworks are added to the museum and the exhibitions Amsterdam keeps growing every year. Would you like to visit the Moco museum? Then, it’s important to order a ticket in advance and reserve a seat, so you know for sure you can visit the museum with your family.

Other fun activities in Amsterdam

Besides the Moco museum, there are many other fun things to do in Amsterdam. The city has many canals, and you can rent a special boat for this. This way you can go on the canals with your family and look at the different canal houses. Are you done cruising the canals? Then there are many restaurants near the canals that you can visit. These are often hidden in the small streets around the canals, so you will have to search carefully. You might want to look on the internet for the different types of restaurants and find a cosy one. Haven’t found a hotel yet? Then there are plenty of hotels in the centre of Amsterdam where you can stay.