How to travel affordably in Europe

27/04/2022 Off By Author

Everyone loves to travel, especially when one can do it affordably. Therefore with many  Popular Destinations to choose from, one should have no issue finding a cheap package deal. Additionally, if your ticket does not include accommodation, one can always look at Roomdi for accommodation. To check if it is legit, one can read the posted reviews rating the services and products. 

5 tips for finding cheap flights

One way to ensure an affordable holiday is to look for cheap flights. Here are five tips to ensure you find the cheapest flights to Europe. Firstly, while many websites promise to offer you the cheapest flights, this is not always true. The best websites for affordable tickets are JetRadar, TripAdvisor, Vayama, Kayak, and Momondo. Secondly, if one is flying to Europe, one may consider buying the cheapest ticket no matter if it is not in the country you want to visit. Then, take another flight to your intended destination instead of a direct flight, as these can be costly. Thirdly, the most important tip is to book your ticket in advance. Fourthly, make use of your local companies. Often a local company may have cheaper flights available. Lastly, if it’s cheaper, pay in another currency.

Top 3  most affordable countries to visit in Europe

If you want to explore Europe but are on a budget, here are the three most affordable countries in Europe to visit. Hungary is first on the list. The meals are relatively inexpensive, and if one stays in a hostel, you can even cook your food. Additionally, one can go on free walking tours, and there are vegan markets that do not require an entrance fee. Secondly is Portugal. Known for being a relatively affordable country, it combines relaxation and fun into one. One can get around and feed themselves without costing an arm and a leg. Lastly is Italy. While Italy can be expensive at times, it can also be relatively inexpensive, especially if you book train trips well in advance; other forms of transportation are reasonably affordable.   

How to travel inexpensively

If you want to travel but do not have the necessary funds, there are other options. For example, one could Au Pair. Au Pairing has become an excellent way for many young individuals to go overseas, travel and earn a foreign currency, and have their accommodation and food taken care of. Moreover, one could become a bartender and work overseas. Especially if this is something you want to pursue, it is a great way to gain experience, money, and travel.

Furthermore, one can volunteer to be a hostel worker in exchange for a free room. There is a constant need for hostel workers, and therefore, there are plenty of job opportunities. Lastly is a yacht worker. Although the hours can be long and the job can be tiring, you get to see some gorgeous sights while earning a pretty penny. 

How to travel safely in Europe

Safety should be your number one priority when traveling, especially alone. Therefore always share your whereabouts with friends or family members. Furthermore, you should know how to reach your country’s embassy before jetting to Europe. This is especially important in case you run into issues with your visa. Furthermore, always be aware of your surroundings. Although Europe is a reasonably safe place to travel, it can never hurt to be cautious.

Traveling can be fun. While it can be expensive at times, one can have a fantastic holiday without breaking the bank if you do your research.