Important Tips Before Climbing Mountain

18/04/2023 Off By Author

Now many young people are starting to pursue a hobby of climbing mountain. But before trying to climb, there are many preparations that need to be made for novice climbers. This is necessary for the security and safety of climbers while exploring nature. This activity can indeed have a relaxing effect and relieve stress so that it can make us happier. Here are things to prepare before climbing mountain:

Climbing Mountain

Determine the location and level of climbing

Choose a location with hiking trails that suit your abilities. Get to know the hiking trail from the location you choose by asking questions or reading climbing reviews. Also consider the time needed to climb. For practice, you can choose a location close to where you live and can be reached in just a few hours.

Check the location and weather

It’s important to know what the weather is like at the hike so you can prepare and change plans if needed. You can check the weather at the location through the weather forecast or ask the climbing post guard or supervisor at that location. Check whether there will be thick fog, heavy rain, especially thunderstorms, or even an eruption alert. These considerations are needed, whether the climb needs to be continued or postponed and waiting for better weather.

Notify your climbing schedule

Inform friends and family back home about your itinerary. Information on when you leave, how long it takes, who your friends are going to hike with, including the location should be known by at least one family member. Take time before departure to outline the details of your itinerary. This is important as anticipation if something might happen on the way.

Prepare your physique in advance

Climbing mountain requires excellent physical condition. This is because the body can burn enormous amounts of energy while climbing for about 8 hours in extreme areas. In addition, this sport also holds various health risks that you must be aware of. To ensure your physical fitness before the day of climbing mountain, you need to build balance, flexibility, and strength in your legs and back muscles to be able to pass the climbing route.