Travelling light doesn’t mean dressing down

20/01/2021 Off By Author

Your plane tickets are booked. You’re planning on an exciting holiday. You’re dreading having to pack your luggage. That’s a common feeling amongst most travellers. Travelling light doesn’t mean you need to wear the same outfit every day.

With a few fashion staples, such as those from I Saw It First UK, you’ll be able to dress stylishly no matter the occasion on your vacation. Ask your travel agent for a few tips. Don’t have a travel agent for that? Read these reviews about travel companies to find one that will help make the most of your holiday.

Your empty suitcase isn’t a challenge to see how many outfits and clothing items you can squeeze into it. You might even find some must-have gifts and clothing while away you want to bring home, so always leave room in your luggage.

Pro Tip #1: Laundry Service

If your hotel offers a laundry service, or there is a laundrette nearby, make use of it. Packing lighter means packing fewer clothes, and you can simply have your clothes washed every few days instead of packing a bag full of clothing and being penalised with overweight luggage by your airline.

Pro Tip #2: Bring One Smart Outfit

In planning of your trip, you can treat yourself and your loved ones to a special dinner. For that, one drop-dead gorgeous dress will make women stand out from the crowd. As for men, a dressy shirt and a pair of slacks will do well to add more sophistication.

Pro Tip #3: Only Pack in Clothes in 3 Coordinating Colours

When looking through your wardrobe, pick out items in three matching colours so it allows you the freedom to mix and match those into several outfits for different days, activities, and occasions. Of course, pick the colours that will match for the season.

Pro Tip #4: Fly With Comfortable Clothes

Everyone imagines themselves as a Hollywood star strolling in an airport. However, in reality, that isn’t practical nor is it comfortable for hours on a plane or sat in an airport coffee shop during a 10-hour layover. Experienced travels wear exercise clothes (or athleisure wear) for long-haul flights. These are fashionable in your local mall and are stylish on the plane too. They can also mix and match outfits at your destination.

Pro Tip #5: You Don’t Need to Pack in 1 Pair of Shoes for Each Day

Reducing the number of shoes in your luggage will immediately free up masses of space and you’ll travel lighter and in more comfort. Women should work around aiming for 3 pairs of shoes: those that can be worn during the day, something for nighttime, and one for comfort such as a sneaker.

Men usually get by on just 2 pairs of shoes. Sneakers and something dressier for nighttime does the job, and there are many styles of shoes they can select for those functions.

Pro Tip #6: Add Bling

It doesn’t take a lot of accessories to transform an outfit. For a man, a pair of bright socks, sunglasses, or a hat will always be on-trend. For women, keeping it simple is always the most sophisticated. A clutch purse, oversized earrings, and perhaps a cocktail ring or two are most you’ll need for any outfit to look smart and stylish.