Want to travel with friends running smoothly?

28/09/2020 Off By Author

Traveling while on vacation is the time you’ve been waiting for, let alone traveling with friends because it makes every trip even more exciting. Setting foot in an amazing new city or area with your closest friends will always be an irreplaceable experience. Although it sounds exciting and fun, actually traveling with friends has its own challenges, you know.

By traveling with friends we are basically involved in a “relationship”, both during planning, traveling, after arriving at the destination, until going home. Inspirators must remember, every individual must have different ideas and desires – from departure plans to going home, everything must be well communicated. Do not let because of prioritizing each other’s ego, our vacation becomes a mess. Well, so that the Inspirator traveling activities with friends run smoothly, let’s see the following 5 tips!

1. Discuss your traveling

Even though it sounds trivial, it’s important to discuss what the purpose of traveling is. Keep in mind, even though we already feel close to friends, everyone has a different style of traveling. Having the same tourist destination also does not mean everything is in harmony during later trips. So, before planning any further, it’s good to first discuss your “goals” or goals for traveling.

2. Prepare a budget

Money can be sensitive when traveling with friends. If not well thought out, this problem can be a cause, the emergence of an argument when traveling, you know. Before we arrange further traveling plans, make sure we have set each budget that is ready for us to use when traveling later. Discuss approximately how much money will be spent on accommodation, food, and transportation. It would be nice if a few months before leaving we reminded each other to save together.

3. Make a plan, but be prepared with spontaneity

Long before we travel we really need to arrange a schedule for the trip later. Starting from the tourist attractions to be visited, the location of the inn, and how long to stay, as well as what activities to do there. However, we do not need to be too focused on the schedule because during the trip later things could happen unexpectedly. If it turns out that the tourist attractions that we planned did not match expectations, look for other locations, or prepare alternatives. If there are travelers giving advice about a tourist spot, you can also try it. So, organized is good, but we also have to be prepared with spontaneity.

 4. Communicate well

Being open and honest with each other is an important part of traveling with friends. When we spend time with friends, no matter how friendly we are with them, there must be a time when we disagree. If involved in a problem, of course, we will feel better if it reveals our hearts. However, do not be too absorbed in emotion so that in the end it misunderstood and a bigger argument arises. Communicate calmly and still respect each other’s opinions so that our traveling runs smoothly and remains exciting.

5. Sharing responsibilities

In traveling, many things must be prepared, starting from transportation schedules to sharing the cost of lodging and meals. So that the preparation is well organized, it would be nice if we share the assignment. When traveling with friends, we can propose to each other or ask ourselves who is good at reading maps, speaking local languages, managing finances, and others. Sharing responsibilities like that won’t add to our burden. By carrying out each task also prevents one person who is overwhelmed with all the responsibilities when traveling later. However, we also have to keep reminding each other and don’t be unwilling to know the task of our friends. However, the traveling activity will later be done together, not individually.