What are the Latest News Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic Coming Out of Asia and When Will it Be Safe to Travel There Again?

05/12/2020 Off By Author

The COVID-19 pandemic has become the hottest news of the year so far. Everyone is looking for news and information regarding this pandemic in order to stay safe and be protected. However, some people own businesses and family in Asia, some people prefer to go on vacation to some places in Asia.

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The Fight Against COVID-19 in Asia

Asian countries took the first hit of the Covid-19 pandemic because the outbreak of the virus started in Wuhan, China. Many aspects of the economies were affected, and these include, education, health sector, transportation, financial services, travel and tourism.The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the economy thereby causing Asian countries to make a lot of adjustment. However, there are things done to combat the pandemic.

Swift Action from the Government

Immediately there was a coronavirus outbreak, the government of Asian countries acted quickly to contain the virus; they put strict travel restrictions in place and enforced quarantine programs.

Societal Compliance with Health rules

The government of Asian countries made the rules concerning social distancing, use of face masks, sanitizers, and they ensured that the public was informed about the COVID-19 cases detected. It was easy for the government to enforce these rules because culturally, countries such as Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and other East Asian countries already wear face masks, wash hands and use hand sanitizers. This helped the public to comply with the rules set in place.

Epidemiological Surveillance

The government began to track people with QR codes, employ the use ofmobile location data also known as geolocation to contain the spread of the Covid-19 while this has been condemned as a violation of privacy it was effect in tracking people who had contracted the Coronavirus and they were isolated for treatment. This epidemiological surveillance is said to monitor the spread of the disease and such persons are reached out to by public health workers in order to inform them that they have contracted the coronavirus and advise them to self-quarantine and monitor themselves for other signs of the coronavirus.

When Will it be Safe to Travel to Asian Countries?

Travel and tourism is a very important aspect of the economy, and Asia will have it in the forefront of their minds. However, it’s very unlikely that Asian countries will open their borders for visitations anytime soon. However, since these countries have put different measures in place to contain the spread of the virus, it is sure that travels and tour will resume before long.